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Promote Your Service To Turkish People

Komşuda Ne Oluyor, which in Turkish means “What’s Happening in the Neighbourhood”, is a website dedicated to Greece and Greek destinations. Since I am from Turkey, everything written on the site is in Turkish :) My audience follows me through my site but also through my social media:

  • / Daily Traffic: 35k+
  • Facebook / Likes: 15k+
  • Instagram / Followers: 2.5k+
  • YouTube / Subs: 7k+

750K+ Turkish Tourists in Greece During 2016

Greece is one of the favorite destinations for Turkish people. Due to the fact that Greece and Turkey are neighboring countries and there are more than 3 flights every day from Athens to Istanbul and back, this makes it easy for Turkish people to visit greek destinations.

  • Hotels: Athens is the most popular destination. I receive very often emails from my followers asking me “Where we can stay in Athens?”
  • Tickets: Or they want to visit Greek Islands and ask for instructions on how to buy ferry tickets
  • Food is essential for people, and especially for Turkish people. So they need my advice on where they can find the best choices.
  • Properties: More and more Turkish people buy properties in Greece.

Guiding Turkish People in Greece

I love travelling! While travelling in Greece, I share my experiences with my audience through my Social Media and Website. So, I share with them valuable information for their own trips in Greece.

What I write about?

  • Accomodation options in Athens, Thessaloniki, Greek Islands and everywhere else throughout Greece
  • Top places to visit in Greece
  • Top attractions to visit in each destination throughout Greece
  • And more…

Promoting Your Service/Product to Turkish People

Of course there are much more things to do and visit in Greece than what I can find out on my own, through travelling. For example, you might own a wonderful concept hotel or offer a perfect daily tour that I can suggest to my audience, Turkish people. Or maybe you organize special tours for Turkish people and need them to know about it.

At this moment, Komşuda Ne Oluyor is the best platform (borh website and social media accounts) to promote your brand, services and/or products to Turkish people who visit Greece.

If you think there is any way to collaborate with Komşuda Ne Oluyor, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the options. At least, you can make a new Turkish friend who lives in Athens :)

Business is business. Can be done anytime. Let’s meet each other first. Just simply fill the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to your messages :)



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